Thursday, 11 May 2017

Watch the EFL Playoffs in NYC with the New York Owls

Hello fellow Wednesdayites near and far!

Would you adam n eve it? We're in the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row! The New York Owls are ridiculously excited and cant wait for the games to start.

First up is the Huddersfield away leg - Sunday May 14th 7am EST.
Confirm your attendance in our Facebook Event

We will of course be at The Football Factory, downstairs at Legends on 33rd st. Jack will open up around 6.45am.

2nd leg at home is Wednesday 17th May 2.45pm EST and we will be in The Football Factory around 2.30. Confirm your attendance in our Facebook Event

Last year the playoff semis were the best games the New York Owls have ever experienced (with the exception of 30mins at the beginning of the Brighton game which still gives us nightmares) so come on down and join the playoff party!

Lastly, im sorry to end on a sad note but as of May 1st The Football Factory will no longer allow anyone under the age of 21 in the bar. Upstairs at Legends is still ok for families, but cannot stream online games and operate on a different opening schedule. They will not be open for the Sunday playoff game, and I will let you know on here if Wednesday's game will be televised and therefore available in the upstairs family area.

For everyone over 21, we will continue to meet at The Football Factory. We understand this effects a few of our fans and we will continue to review the impact it has on the group overall.

Monday, 3 April 2017

A Wednesdayite in New York

One of our original members of the New York Owls - Craig Hutchinson recently wrote a fantastic article for the Barnsley matchday programme, for the game against us this past Saturday, about what it's like being a Wednesdayite in New York and how he came to be one.

Craig has been kind enough to share it with us here on our blog for everyone to read so here you go. You can get hold of Craig on Twitter @CragHutchinson

A Wednesdayite in New York

Logically speaking, I should have been a Barnsley fan. My parents live in Barnsley, my Dad’s a Barnsley season ticket holder, and I still remember being taken to Oakwell as a little kid and standing on a milk crate to watch matches. Then My Old Man made the fateful decision to take me to Hillsborough for the first time in 1988 and that was it… I fell in love and was a Wednesday fan from there on out. 

Since 2003 however, it’s been a little more challenging to get to Hillsborough, given the 6000 mile roundtrip it usually takes. 

After graduating from the University of York St. John with a Sports Studies and PE degree in 2003, I took a summer job in Massachusetts coaching football. I’d already done so the previous summer, but this time I had no more university, and no job, to come back to. So when I was offered a coaching job in California after the summer ended, I accepted. This job snowballed into a career in coaching which settled me in Boston, MA for several years before I moved to New York to work for the New York Red Bulls in 2008. Aside from coaching with the Red Bulls, I began to get involved in the media department too and became the team’s on-camera correspondent for the 2010 season – not a bad one considering it was the first year that the team had left Giants Stadium for its new home at Red Bull Arena. It was also the year the team signed Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez from Barcelona. Not bad for a kid from Wath-Upon-Dearne, in my first few months of working as a broadcaster, I’d interviewed the likes of Henry, Marquez, Gareth Bale, Alessandro Del Piero, Patrick Vieira, Franz Beckenbauer, Robbie Keane, Luca Modric and many others. 

Whilst I was saturated in soccer (oops, there it is) every day of my professional life, it became a little more challenging to catch Wednesday matches however, especially in the dark days of League One. There is a big football culture in the U.S., every major city has bars which open up at the crack of dawn in order to show every televised match despite the time difference, and NBC’s Premier League deal means that every match is shown live. For fans of teams outside of the top flight, catching those games was few and far between until recently. These days BeIn Sport carry the Championship and show several games per week on its TV channels or online, The Wednesday (as well as Newcastle & L**ds) are the most regularly featured teams. Wednesday began to be shown on TV so much that the New York Owls supporters group was formed five years ago in our host bar of the Football Factory in Midtown Manhattan, literally over the street from the Empire State Building. We have grown from four people at our first meet up, to dozens of members in NYC alone, not to mention the other SWFC chapters that have popped up all over the United States and the Americas. Group activities and live match meet-ups are coordinated at the Owls Americas Facebook page which has almost 300 members, plus we tend to get a few traveling Owls on holiday in New York that join us too. 

This season has been a treat in terms of televised games, Wednesday have been televised around 10 times already this year and most have been good to watch – though the missed penalties against Brighton and then L**ds really screwed up those two matches for us! Fortunately, the New York Owls are capable of laughs and banter when games don’t go our way; it might have something to do with matchday drinking sessions beginning at 7am. Unfortunately the Barnsley match is not televised despite the kickoff time being shifted to earlier in the day, so I’ll have to resort to following the game on Wednesday iPlayer and Twitter while my Dad takes his usual seat in the East Stand Upper Tier. 

Due to my Dad’s influence, I’m not a BFC hater. I like to see Barnsley do well when it’s not a conflict of interest for the Wednesday and we both share a mutual hatred of those pigs out of Bramall Lane. And a win at Oakwell, although tricky given how fiery South Yorkshire derbys always are, would be a priceless result in the race for promotion. No love lost between father and son in games like this! Who knows, maybe Sammy Winnall will finally remember where the back of the net is again once he gets back there? 

These days I live and work in Manhattan as a Coaching Director whilst still dabbling in media work (though to be honest, I probably do more NFL coverage than MLS these days – look out for me in New England Patriots press conferences). Whilst this means I only get to Hillsborough once or twice a year these days (or not at all this year, I only got to do Preston away while I was back in December), at least I get to see them live on TV once or twice a month in the company of fellow Wednesdayites.

If any Wednesday fans – or even Barnsley fans, I’m sure we’d welcome you into our home – happen to be visiting the Big Apple during football season, feel free to reach out to us on social media and join us for the matches. Football Factory’s greatness is that it is always packed with fans from around the world with dozens of TV’s showing every live game all at once. 

 It’s home away from home.

Monday, 27 March 2017

New York Owls Meet-ups in April

OK, we survived March somehow still in 6th place. April starts thick and fast and its essential we get off to a good start in our two local derbies and a massive game at home to Newcastle on the 8th.

The good news is 2 of those 3 games are being broadcast on TV so we will be meeting up on:

Tuesday 4th April - 2.45 EDT KO Rotherham v Owls
Saturday 8th April - 12.30 EDT KO Owls v Newcastle

We meet up for all our TV games at the Football Factory, which is downstairs at Legends, 33rd st, Manhattan, hope to see you all there!

As it stands that's all that's being broadcast in April, but im sure as it gets down to the wire at the end of the month we may get picked up again.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.


Sunday, 29 January 2017

It's our 5th Birthday Party!

On February 7th 2012 four Wednesday fans arranged to meet for the Sheffield Wednesday v Blackpool FA Cup game at a bar in midtown NYC.

It was the first time any of us had met each other.  I had spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and Owls forums and a few had got back to me, but even then I was still unsure if they would turn up.

Thankfully, Jim, Craig and Keturah (pic below!) did turn up and we decided that the only way we were gonna get through watching this Wednesday team (we lost 3-0 to Blackpool that day) was to do so with other Wednesday fans and so the group was officially born.

While it was me that got the group together, I can't claim it was the first time a group of Owls had got together in New York, there were quite a few in the city and some used to meet up in Brooklyn and Nevada Smiths to watch games before I had even moved to America.

But this was the first time we had decided to get organised and call our-self the New York Owls. I used my social media nous to find and recruit others in the tri-state area and the group has grown and grown ever since.

I'm incredibly proud of this group, I've met a lot of the other supporter groups at Legends and I can honestly say we're the friendliest of the lot and real long lasting friendships have been forged.

I would like to thank everyone that has come down to a New York Owls meet-up over the past 5 years, whether you've been on holiday or live here, its you lot that make this group so brilliant to be a part of.

Come down to The Football Factory at Legends this Friday 3rd February, 2.45 KO, watch the Wigan match and join us for our 5th Birthday Party! There will be cake!

Much love, Paddy

Friday, 13 January 2017

Watch Sheffield Wednesday in NYC in 2017 with the New York Owls

Hello Wednesdayites!

2017 starts with a lot of our games televised which is great for us that live far from the UK.

If you live in the tri-state area or are visiting NYC on holiday we'll be at our home away from home The Football Factory at Legends on 33rd street, right next to the Empire State Building.

So here are all the dates and times (in EST) for our confirmed NYC meet-ups announced right now.

Owls v Brighton - Friday 20th January 2.45pm

Owls v Wigan - Friday 3rd February 2.45pm

Owls v Birmingham City - Friday 10th February 2.45pm

Owls v Leeds - Saturday 25th February 7.30am

Pretty freaking sweet eh?! Come and join us, whether you've been before or its your first time we're the friendliest supporters in the city, so come say hi!

If you have any questions you can get hold of us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you're elsewhere in the Americas, check out the Owls Americas Facebook group.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Watch Huddersfield v Owls LIVE in NYC This Sunday!

This Sunday 16th October we will be live on TV at 7am!! To some that would sound like a silly hour in the morning to watch football in a bar, but the New York Owls are seasoned 7am drinkers, we've been doing it since February 2012!

We hope you can join us down at The Football Factory at Legends, Jack will be opening the bar for us, just before 7am - DONT LET HIM OR US DOWN!

And that's not all, the New York Owls are getting a reputation as all day drinkers, and this Sunday we're doing it again! The New York Red Bulls close out the regular season at home against Columbus Crew at 3pm and some of us will be staying out and heading over to Harrison, NJ after the Wednesday game has finished.

If you want to join in the fun at Red Bull Arena just let me know and I can get tickets with us.



Thursday, 15 September 2016

Birmingham and Nottingham Forest - NYC Meet-ups

Hello Fellow Owls,

This Saturday, 17th September, we will be LIVE at The Football Factory, Legends on 33rd st for our away game against Birmingham City.

The game kicks off at 12.30 EST on Bein Sports Online channel 3.

I will be down there from 11.30ish should you wish to come and have a natter and a pint beforehand.

ALSO, we have a bonus game, not on Sky Sports back home, but being picked up by our broadcaster here in the US - Bein Sports.

Owls v Forest will kick off at 10am EST and we will be at The Football Factory.

If you're in NYC for either of the games join our Owls Americas group and let us know you're coming.