Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How did you become a Sheffield Wednesday fan? PT.II

Hello! Welcome back, we haven't blogged for a very long time but we're back with a bang as I asked another one of our American members WHY ON EARTH do you follow the Wednesday?

As you may or may not know we have around 40+ members on the books of the New York Owls nowadays, our members live in the tri-state area, a lot in the city, some in New Jersey and some in Connecticut. Jeff is one of our American owls who lives in Connecticut, and despite it taking around an hour to get into the city for our games he's one of our regular attendees. Which is to be applauded when you take into account most of our TV games are at 7.15am.

Before I hand you over to Jeff, here's a quick plug for our meet up this Saturday, at the Football Factory, 7.15am against Forest. Its our first proper look at the team over here so come on down and watch it with the New York Owls.

So Jeff, how did you become a fan of the mighty blue and white wizards?

There’s a logical, maybe even heartwarming, story I could tell here.

A young soccer player, a short midfielder with some pace, dreams of one day playing for the US Men’s National Team.  Of course he would idolize John Harkes and be drawn to the English side that he made his name with. And because he was a particularly stubborn (and had plenty of experience with crushing disappointment as a New York Mets fan), he stuck with that team through thick and (mostly) thin for the next 20 years.

But that’s not my story.

On his album Hilarious, the comedian Louis C.K. has a bit about how his young children pick their friends: “Our children chose each other, based on no criteria by the way. They’re the same size. They don’t give a shit who they make me hang out with.”

That’s…uh, more like my story.

When I was a child, the regional cable channel that showed Mets games would also show a First Division recap show on Saturday Mornings. The TV was inevitably still on the channel from the night before, so before my Saturday morning cartoons, I would watch the previous week’s highlights. And as they would usually just show a bunch of goals, it was not John Harkes who first caught my eye, but David Hirst, scoring worldies every week in tiny, tiny shorts.

But even that wasn’t the real reason I ended up a Wednesdayite. It comes down to this. I was ten years old. I liked the color blue, and I liked owls. And I didn’t give a shit who that would force me to hang out with over the next twenty years.

Sportschannel eventually became Fox Sports NY, and stopped showing that First Division recap show. The internet was still running on 14.4k dial-up modems, making following the team all but impossible, but if anyone asked me, I was a Sheffield Wednesday fan. That part above about my being stubborn and used to crushing disappointment is true at least. By the time I could even regularly check the results again, I was in college and Wednesday was languishing in the lower leagues.     

It didn’t really matter though. At 12:15 sharp on Saturday morning I would fire up the old Wednesday website and check the box, the modern equivalent of my childhood recap show. I found another striker to love soon after, Steve MacLean (all those penalties looked the same as any other goal in the box score), and was devastated when they didn’t re-sign him. ESPN started showing the odd Championship game on their old ESPN3 streams, and Wednesday player let me listen to the rest. When the team was in danger of a winding up and looked like they’d be stuck in the lower tiers forever I dabbled with taking on a second team in the EPL (Villa, because of Agbonlahor and the fact that I refuse to allow myself nice things), but it never felt right. I’d rather watch a dodgy stream of Wednesday against Exeter with unintelligible Eastern European commentary.

As an American Wednesday supporter, I am often preoccupied with the idea of ‘authenticity.’ I didn’t grow up in Yorkshire, and just because I chose Wednesday (rather than Arsenal like every other American), that doesn’t grant me the same connection to the team.  But from my first day at Football Factory (Wednesday 3, Hull City 1), the New York Owls have always made me feel welcome. And while I may have taken a slightly unusual path to get here, I will proudly descend the Football Factory steps at 7 AM this Saturday belting out “Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday.” There are some benefits to being stubborn.

Follow Jeff on Twitter for matchday tweets and lots of Mets talk :)

If you missed our earlier post on one of our other US Owls Brian check it out here.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Owls v Leeds Meet Up

This Saturday we're back at The Football Factory bright and early for our 7.15am EST KO against our West Yorkshire rivals Leeds.

Wipe that sleep out of your eyes, get your bacon butty ordered and wash it down with a pint of guinness, we need good representation as the New York Leeds fans are also going to be at the bar and they're the only group in this league that can rival our numbers.

We should have our membership cards available to buy / pick up this weekend too. These cards are $5 and get you 10% off your bill at Legends all season.

Here's hoping we get a QPR like performance not a Rotherham like one and we get some points on the board to start our weekend off well.

Its also the start of the Premier League straight after and I will be hanging around to watch those games too for those that are interested.

If you're in town on holiday or its your first time to one of our meet-ups we gather at The Football Factory, which is downstairs at Legends, 6 West 33rd St, right next to the Empire State Building.

See you all there!


Monday, 5 August 2013

US Owls come out in force for QPR opener

As the dust settles on our opening weekend we can reflect on Antonio's miss when free on goal, or rue the 2 penalty decisions that went against us and Maghoma's strike against the post, but we outplayed a premiership team for a lot of this game and with our fully fit defence and a bit more luck we would've come away with a win.

So onwards and upwards for Dave Jones' men, there was a lot for Wednesdayites to get excited about, Nuhiu looked very impressive and I dont think Ive heard our NYC fans roar as loud as when that goal went in Saturday, unbelievable Jeff! Zayatte looked solid next to Gardner and once he has the cover of Buxton at RB, rather than a young midfielder filling in, that back line will be a lot stronger.

For the first time EVER we had meet-ups across the country and we got a couple of great pics from our Florida Owls group and New Orleans Owls. The groups both arranged meet-ups at local bars with just a couple of days to prepare as it wasnt confirmed for US TV until Wednesday last week.

The Florida Owls met at MacDinton's Irish Bar, in Tampa and got 10 people down for their very first meet up. A great showing co-ordinated by the Wilson-Wolfe family!

Ex New York Owl Jamie Midgley now lives in New Orleans and he rallied his troops too for the opening game, getting together a crowd of 12 at Finn McCools. Top work mate!

Finally we have our lovely bunch in NYC, fans that travel from New Jersey, Connecticut and all the NYC boroughs to meet up at 10am at The Football Factory. Thanks to all our worldwide fans who bought NYO t-shirts over the past few months as we were able to put some cash behind the bar from those sales and that kept us in high spirits throughout. We had 20 of us down this weekend and despite the result it was a blast.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

American Owls ASSEMBLE!

Sorry about the geeky Marvel title, but Im getting a bit giddy about the start of the new Championship season this Saturday. Mainly because its going to be live on TV here in the US which means the New York Owls will be meeting up at our home bar The Football Factory at 10am sharp. But in addition to this we have other meetups popping up across the states too.

Ex New York Owl Jamie Midgley is gathering the troops down in New Orleans at the famous Finn McCools and considering this is the crowd he got at a 7am kick off on a Sunday, it should be a good turnout. If you're in the area or know anyone is, tell them to get down there, details are here in the Facebook event.

If you're in Washington DC this weekend, our friend Greg Petricevic (@gregpetricevic on twitter) is in the process of getting fans together at Lucky Bar. Get in touch if you can make it there.

And finally down in Florida the Florida Owls are looking at the best locations between Orlando and Tampa for a meet up. If you live in that area or there on holiday get in touch with them on Twitter @FloridaOwls

If you're based elsewhere in the states and we dont know about you drop us a comment below or on our twitter and we'll see if we can find fans in your area to watch the match with. There's loads of us out there!

Back in New York, I cant wait to get our t-shirts to our members that arrived today. If you want any you can buy them from our UK store or from our US store depending on your location.

Here's to a successful season! UTO!

Friday, 24 May 2013

New T-shirt Design and Kids sizes now available

Really pleased to make this new t-shirt available to you all. Designed by my brother Mike Jones and inspired by the old King Kong movie posters. The design is available on white and black shirts at both our UK and US stores now.

We also have some kids sizes available now and we're working on making the above design available on our Ladies and Kids range but the site has been crashing a lot lately.

Any questions / requests let us know.

If you want to see my bro's website for more of his art go to

Saturday, 11 May 2013

T-shirts now available!

Hey everyone, we get a lot of requests for merchandise and we dont like to disappoint Wednesday fans so we've set up shop. The current stock has designs with two logos on it, but we're not stopping there we'll be working on some New York and American theme designs in the future so keep checking back as we'll be adding new stuff all the time.

We're not in this to make money, most of the cost you see is production costs, any profit we make on these current designs will go into a beer fund for the New York Owls members meet-ups. Future designs we may have to compensate the artist cos they're putting a lot of effort into it.

Here's the important part, we have 2 shop fronts, one if you live in the US and one if you live in the UK. We did this to save you guys extortionate shipping costs, it means a bit more admin for us but ultimately saves you cash. Links for each store are below:

USA Store -
UK / EU Store -

There's loads of products we can use from this website so if you want a particular item that we dont sell mail us at and we'll try and accommodate any requests.

Monday, 29 April 2013

End of Season Meet Up - Everyone Invited

Different year, same old shit. Yet again we're left wondering our fate on the last day of the season. The odds look to be in our favour, but we've been here before and we need to make sure that we equal or better the results of teams below us to ensure our safety in the Championship.

I am gutted we find ourselves here, mainly because it would've been great to celebrate safety with the bumper crowd we had at The Football Factory on Saturday for the televised game. We unveiled our new flag to our highest attendance of the season and it looked magnificent.

Instead though we are forced to get up at stupid o'clock on May 4th and listen to a nerve-racking poor quality audio broadcast of our teams efforts to avoid the drop back down to the pits of doom that is League One.

We wont go down though Im sure of it, so sure Im dragging myself down to The Football Factory at 7.45am to watch all our goals fly in on Sky Sports News one by one as we cruise to an easy victory over Mediocre Middlesborough. (We'll have the match commentary on too).

Come join me, eat real bacon, drink at ungodly hours and sing along: WE ARE STAYING UP!

Add yourself to the Facebook Event if you can make it. Go on, I dare ya.