How did you become a Sheffield Wednesday fan?

One of the questions that gets asked to us more than anything is how many of the New York Owls are actually born n bred in the USA and how did they end up supporting the mighty owls?

While the majority of Owls over in the states are expats, I've  found quite a few wednesdayites native to America, and we have 3 American members of the New York Owls. Im going to ask each of our american members to write some blogs on being a Sheffield Wednesday fan, how they saw the light and how they've kept in touch with the massive. Once I run out of New York Owls, i'd love to get other American and Canadian born SWFC fans to blog for us too.

First up is Brian, from central New Jersey whose name I've heard on Wednesday Player for a long while and one of the reasons I decided to start this group.

I asked Brian how did he become a Wednesdayite?

It all started with the music, Pink Floyd were keen supporters of football and the 1971 album Meddle contains the song "Fearless" which fades into the Liverpool Kop Choir singing "You"ll never walk alone". For many Yanks this may have been their first exposure to an important  aspect of the beautiful game: Singing your heart out as a way of expressing your love for your team. Upon hearing this track for the first time, the uninitiated may have had no idea what the singing was about, what it was for, and more importantly, what it would lead to.

A little later after coming into the possession of a shortwave radio, a device that would have a profound effect on an otherwise uninspired young person living in a semi rural area,  The Grinderswitch song "Pickin the blues" was heard as the introduction to the John Peel show on the BBC World Service. On that show I heard a track by a group that unbeknownst at the time would set the stage for another important development towards the love of the beautiful game; Nag Nag Nag!, by Cabaret Voltaire. Frantic searching for their records which at the time were unreleased in the states led to the discovery of a number of their singles and albums. All their records mentioned: Recorded at Western Works, Sheffield. I soon discovered a couple of other bands from Sheffield via Peel's show, Heaven 17 & The Human League. 

Around 1980 or  83, whilst tuning into the BBCWS Saturday Special, the familiar singing I first heard on the Pink Floyd album I heard over the radio. The sound heralded another important development towards  the love of FOOTBALL!! Amazed by the singing, the incredible passion of the commentators, the adrenaline rush, the excitement of goals; those near misses and those scored, it was easy to get hooked!

Upon the reading of the classified results I heard for the first time that name: SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY! That was it! Those musicians! Their city!! And now my Football Club!

Brian is a crewman for the Modified race team; Grbac Racing and sent us a pic of their car proudly flying the flag in New Jersey. 

Brian USA Owl's Race car with SWFC flag

Thanks to Brian for kicking us off, if you want to ask Brian anything else drop a comment in the box below, or if you're an American and you'd like to tell us how you became a Wednesday fan drop us an email at UTO!


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