American Owls ASSEMBLE!

Sorry about the geeky Marvel title, but Im getting a bit giddy about the start of the new Championship season this Saturday. Mainly because its going to be live on TV here in the US which means the New York Owls will be meeting up at our home bar The Football Factory at 10am sharp. But in addition to this we have other meetups popping up across the states too.

Ex New York Owl Jamie Midgley is gathering the troops down in New Orleans at the famous Finn McCools and considering this is the crowd he got at a 7am kick off on a Sunday, it should be a good turnout. If you're in the area or know anyone is, tell them to get down there, details are here in the Facebook event.

If you're in Washington DC this weekend, our friend Greg Petricevic (@gregpetricevic on twitter) is in the process of getting fans together at Lucky Bar. Get in touch if you can make it there.

And finally down in Florida the Florida Owls are looking at the best locations between Orlando and Tampa for a meet up. If you live in that area or there on holiday get in touch with them on Twitter @FloridaOwls

If you're based elsewhere in the states and we dont know about you drop us a comment below or on our twitter and we'll see if we can find fans in your area to watch the match with. There's loads of us out there!

Back in New York, I cant wait to get our t-shirts to our members that arrived today. If you want any you can buy them from our UK store or from our US store depending on your location.

Here's to a successful season! UTO!


  1. Anybody watching in Houston?

  2. The only guy I know of in Texas is in San Antonio Im afraid mate, but i'll keep my eye out.

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