Drinks for Opening Day and an Update on Waddle

Hello New York Owls!

As its been such a ridiculous few weeks and my excitement for the opening game is now off the charts I thought i'd throw open an invitation to join me at The Football Factory on August 8th to celebrate the start of this new era. *UPDATE* We're now on TV! Well, Bein Sports Online but its better than a dodgy stream, so we will definitely be having a meet up at The Football Factory and it promises to be a barn stormer as we trot out some of our new signings for their first proper test. Come down and join us!  KO is at 10am, August 8th.

2 weeks later we are on TV AGAIN vs Leeds 22nd August 7.30am. We will of course be there for that, as usual against Leeds it promises to be a good crowd so hope to see you all there.

Lastly a couple of updates, we FINALLY have the signed shirt framed and hung at The Football Factory, its on the ceiling and you cant miss it as you come down the stairs to the bar. Its taken a massive effort to get this, both from the club and to get it hung eventually in the bar so make sure you comment on it to Jack and say thanks for his part, the whole thing cost us nowt so its all down to the kindness of Lindsey Taylor at the club and The Football Factory.

Even more exciting is Waddle has finally got back on Twitter to say he will do a US Tour NEXT August, ive been in touch with Brooke, his daughter who is managing it all and she says hes very excited about doing NYC with John Harkes. Obviously this is a long way away yet but very encouraging and i'll make sure you're all kept up to date on developments. :)

Hopefully see you on the 8th, and if not definitely on the 22nd!


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