Watch the EFL Playoffs in NYC with the New York Owls

Hello fellow Wednesdayites near and far!

Would you adam n eve it? We're in the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row! The New York Owls are ridiculously excited and cant wait for the games to start.

First up is the Huddersfield away leg - Sunday May 14th 7am EST.
Confirm your attendance in our Facebook Event

We will of course be at The Football Factory, downstairs at Legends on 33rd st. Jack will open up around 6.45am.

2nd leg at home is Wednesday 17th May 2.45pm EST and we will be in The Football Factory around 2.30. Confirm your attendance in our Facebook Event

Last year the playoff semis were the best games the New York Owls have ever experienced (with the exception of 30mins at the beginning of the Brighton game which still gives us nightmares) so come on down and join the playoff party!

Lastly, im sorry to end on a sad note but as of May 1st The Football Factory will no longer allow anyone under the age of 21 in the bar. Upstairs at Legends is still ok for families, but cannot stream online games and operate on a different opening schedule. They will not be open for the Sunday playoff game, and I will let you know on here if Wednesday's game will be televised and therefore available in the upstairs family area.

For everyone over 21, we will continue to meet at The Football Factory. We understand this effects a few of our fans and we will continue to review the impact it has on the group overall.


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