August Meet-ups in NYC

Hey everyone!

So despite the dreadful game on Saturday it was a successful trial of the new iFollow service down at Football Factory NYC and we had a good chat with Jack about showing games throughout the rest of the month and he should have the bandwidth to show our games throughout the month.

So here are the confirmed meetups in NYC over the next few weeks:

August 12th - QPR 10am - Football Factory
August 16th - Sunderland - 2.45pm - Football Factory
August 19th - Fulham - 10am - Football Factory

For the final game of August we will be having a family day at a new bar Nialls on 52nd.

August 26th - Burton Albion - 10am - Niall's on 52nd

This is because towards the end of last season we found out that under 21 year old's could no longer enter the Football Factory so we had a chat with our families and decided to trial the idea of a regular family meet-up, where we would watch the match in a venue that would allow our under 21 fans come join us. This is where Niall's comes in.

I would like to stress, we are not moving away from the Football Factory, that is our home. But with the dawn of iFollow and having access to every game i'm sure Jack won't miss us if we're there 3 out of the 4 weeks a month.

We'll see how it goes and keep you updated but I hope you can join us at either Football Factory or Niall's over the next few weeks.

We'll put up September's schedule during the international break.


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