Watch Sheffield Wednesday in NYC this October with the New York Owls

Welcome back from the international break guys n gals, I hope you had a nice rest and weren't too traumatised by your national teams efforts.

On paper, October looks to be a much easier run of games than last month and after the thumping of Leeds before the break spirits should be high in Camp Wednesday.

Here in NYC we're meeting up for EVERY game in October and we've got some really fun stuff planned too.


14 Oct - Bolton v Sheffield Wednesday - 10am - Football Factory at Legends, 33rd st
21 Oct - Derby v Sheffield Wednesday - 10am - Niall's on 52nd - FAMILY DAY U21's Welcome
28 Oct - Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley - 7.30am - Football Factory at Legends, 33rd st
31 Oct - Sheffield Wedneday v Millwall - 3.45pm - Niall's on 52nd - HALLOWEEN PARTY!

As you may know by now our regular bar can no longer host anyone under the age of 21, so if you're coming from out of town please bare that in mind.

Family Day on 21 Oct

However, on the 21 October we will be having our next U21 Family Day at Niall's. This will be our 3rd time at Niall's and they've been great hosts so far. Unlike the Football Factory it's a space we have to ourselves, so bring your kids, there's great food and good beer for the people over the age of 21.

Owl Fancy Dress Halloween Party

Lastly on the 31 October we are having a Halloween Fancy Dress party for our meet-up against Millwall at Niall's on 52nd and the theme for the fancy dress is OWLS! Like, the bird, Owls. Don't just come in a Wednesday shirt, we want to see your best Owl costume.

It is a weekday so we understand if all can't make it, but with daylight savings it's a 3.45pm kick off so we're hoping people can finish early and join us. If not, don't worry we will be continuing the party around town in our Owl costumes afterwards so join us after the match after work for beers. Imagine the sight of a group of people wandering around NYC all dressed as owls. Its gonna be brilliant.

Lastly, we are thrilled to be part of the Owls Americas family and the brand new podcast that was launched this week. If you haven't had a listen yet, please do here.


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