Our members are based all over the tri state area from Brooklyn to Connecticut and Manhattan to New Jersey, we're everywhere and growing by the week.

If you're a SWFC fan that lives in the tri-state area and want be part of our Supporters Group get in contact via mail / facebook / twitter and we'll let you know of all our meet ups.

The New York Owls committee is made up of 3 people who have been with the group from the start: 

Paddy Jones - Founder
Craig Hutchinson
Damian Wilkinson

We are proud to be an affiliate member of Wednesdayite. If you too want to join Wednesdayite as a New York Owl, 2.50 of your membership fee goes towards our supporter group and will help us fund our flag. More information on the benefits of membership to Wednesdayite can be found on Wednesdayites website below.


  1. Keep up the good work guys, from all at

  2. top bar legends , kept me and our gert up to date with the palace at home score while we enjoyed a few beers during our trip to the apple . up the owls

    east bank republican army


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